May 28, 2023

Alternative to WordPress VIP, a valid alternative to WordPress VIP for Speed ​​and Performance of Excellence in GDPR Compliant WordPress Hosting.

The world of web hosting is very diverse and dynamic. One of the most recognized and popular hosting services in this industry is WordPress VIP, a premium service offered by Automattic.

Automattic is a global technology company known for bringing, one of the world's most popular content management systems (CMS), to the pinnacle of the web publishing industry. Founded in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg, one of the original co-creators of WordPress, Automattic is a driving force behind the continued success of WordPress, powering over 40% of the world's existing websites.

In addition to, Automattic is also responsible for a number of popular products and services in the web industry. These include WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin for WordPress; Jetpack, a set of security and optimization tools for WordPress sites; and Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking platform. It also offers WordPress VIP, an enterprise-level hosting service for WordPress, and Akismet, one of the most used anti-spam plugins in WordPress.

WordPress VIP is an enterprise hosting solution designed to handle high traffic websites, ensuring maximum speed and superior performance. However, as always, there are alternatives for those looking for a more affordable option. In this article, we will explore the features of WordPress VIP and present a potential alternative to it.

WordPress VIP: Features and Benefits

In the field of website hosting, Automattic's WordPress VIP represents a cutting-edge solution, capable of guaranteeing an optimal user experience thanks to a highly optimized environment. This optimization is particularly reflected in the ability to maintain a Time to First Byte (TTFB) of less than 50 ms, an indicator that measures the time from the moment a client sends an HTTP request to the server until it receives the first response byte.

This impressive performance is possible thanks to the presence of a sophisticated server-side software stack. This set of technologies, carefully selected and configured to work in synergy, represents the beating heart of the WordPress VIP hosting infrastructure and plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the high speed and efficiency of the service.

WordPress VIP Stack Software

This software stack comprises a number of key components, each of which has a specific function and makes a unique contribution to the whole. Among these, we find NGINX, Varnish, PHP-FPM, Memcached, Redis and Elasticsearch. Each of these technologies plays a vital role in optimizing hosting performance, offering specific solutions to specific challenges related to managing a high-traffic website.

This integrated, multi-layered approach to server performance management makes WordPress VIP a powerful and highly effective solution. Thanks to the use of this advanced server-side software stack, WordPress VIP is able to offer a service that combines speed, efficiency and reliability, guaranteeing users an enterprise-level performance.

  • nginx: represents a high-performance web server solution that, in many situations, outclasses its better-known counterpart, Apache, in terms of speed. It was designed to be particularly effective at handling large numbers of simultaneous connections, a key factor when dealing with high-traffic websites or real-time applications. NGINX's superiority over Apache is evident in its event-oriented rather than thread-based architecture, which allows him to easily handle thousands of concurrent connections without a significant impact on system resources. In practice, this means that when there is a traffic spike on your website, NGINX can handle it much more efficiently than Apache, without overloading the server or compromising site speed. Another aspect where NGINX excels is response time. Thanks to its efficient connection management, it is able to reduce the waiting time for the user, providing almost immediate responses to requests. This translates into a better experience for the user, as web pages load faster, and greater efficiency for the organization, as servers can handle more requests in a shorter period of time.
  • Varnish: is a sophisticated HTTP caching technology that acts as a website performance accelerator. Its main job is to store a copy of web pages that users visit and request, essentially acting as a sort of "short-term memory" for the web server. This process of storing pages, known as caching, is a crucial component in building high-speed, fast-responsive websites.The way Varnish accelerates website performance is quite intuitive: instead of having to process a new request every time a user visits a web page, Varnish provides a stored copy of the page from its cache. This means that the web server does not have to do the computational workload of generating the page from scratch every time it is requested. The result of this process is faster response to user requests and a generally faster website. But it's not just speed that makes Varnish a popular caching option. A significant advantage of Varnish is its ability to reduce the load on the backend server. Since pages are served from the Varnish cache instead of dynamically generated by the server each time, overall server workload is reduced. This can greatly improve the server's ability to handle a high volume of traffic, while preventing excessive strain on the server that can lead to malfunctions or crashes.
  • PHP-FPM: stands for PHP FastCGI Process Manager, is an advanced and highly customizable implementation of PHP that offers significant performance advantages over the standard version of PHP, especially when it comes to managing high-traffic WordPress-based websites. One of the main Reasons why PHP-FPM is able to improve the performance of your WordPress site lies in its request handling method. Unlike traditional PHP, which creates a new process for each request (consuming time and system resources), PHP-FPM maintains a pool of PHP processes ready for use. These processes can be reused to service multiple requests, eliminating the overhead of creating and destroying processes for each individual request. This allows PHP-FPM to respond to requests much faster than traditional PHP. Additionally, PHP-FPM is highly configurable, which means you can fine-tune the number of child processes, pending connections, and other settings to better fit your website's specific needs. This flexibility can help ensure that your site can handle traffic spikes without slowdowns or service interruptions. Another major benefit of PHP-FPM lies in its ability to isolate each request. This means that even if a single request were to encounter a problem and crash, it would not affect other requests in progress. This helps maintain the stability of your website, even under high load conditions.
  • memcached: is a high performance open source caching system that works by storing data in RAM instead of on the hard drive. It works as a distributed in-memory caching service, which means it can use the memory resources of multiple servers to create a unified cache pool. The main advantage of Memcached is its ability to significantly reduce the load on your website's database. This is especially useful for websites that need to handle a large volume of concurrent database requests, such as those with a large number of active users or large datasets. Memcached accelerates data retrieval by storing database queries and their results in RAM memory. This means that if the same query is executed multiple times, Memcached can provide the result from its cache instead of having to re-query the database. This reduces not only the time required to retrieve data, but also the load on the database. Another major advantage of Memcached is its scalability. Since it is a distributed caching service, it can leverage the RAM memory of multiple servers, allowing you to easily increase caching capacity by simply adding more servers to the cluster. This makes Memcached an excellent solution for websites that are growing rapidly or have high caching requirements. Additionally, Memcached is known for its simplicity. While it is a powerful and highly configurable caching system, it is also very simple to install and use, making it accessible even for less tech-savvy users.
  • Redis:short for Remote Dictionary Server, is an advanced in-memory database management system that offers a wide range of features, including caching capabilities, functioning as a message broker, and database functionality. It is particularly suited to handling structured data, such as lists, sets, maps, and more, making it an ideal option for high-level operations such as user session storage and shopping cart capabilities. One of Redis' main strengths is its speed. Because Redis operates in memory (rather than on disk), it can read and write data at very high speeds. This makes it particularly effective for caching operations, where speed is of the essence. By using Redis to cache the most frequently requested data, you can reduce the load on the main database and significantly speed up the website's response time. Another significant advantage of Redis is its flexibility. In addition to serving as a caching system, Redis can be used as a message broker, supporting several messaging models including publish/subscribe and job queues. This makes it an excellent solution for applications that require real-time communications or background task management. Redis also shines when it comes to handling structured data. With support for a wide range of data structures, Redis can easily handle the complex operations required for features such as user session storage and shopping cart functionality. This can reduce development complexity and improve website efficiency.
  • ElasticSearch: is a complementary technology that provides advanced search capabilities in real time. It is a highly scalable, open-source search and analytics engine designed for speed, scalability, and flexibility. ElasticSearch significantly improves a website's ability to handle complex search queries, process large volumes of data, and deliver relevant search results in a fraction of a second. One of ElasticSearch's main strengths is its speed. Through effective use of reversed indexes and tokenization, ElasticSearch can rapidly scroll through massive amounts of data and return relevant results in near real-time. This makes it ideal for websites that need to handle many complex search queries.

However, despite its undeniable quality, there is one aspect of WordPress VIP that could be a significant obstacle for many potential users: cost. The standard basic plan of WordPress VIP is in fact marketed at a starting price of around $2000 per month. That equates to an annual investment of $24, an amount that many, especially outside the US market, may find prohibitively expensive.

For businesses and individuals in countries like Italy, where web hosting salaries and budgets tend to be significantly lower than in the United States, the cost of WordPress VIP might seem particularly high. This, combined with differences in exchange rates and the tax challenges associated with purchasing services from overseas, could make WordPress VIP an expensive proposition for many potential Italian clients. as a valid alternative to WordPress VIP has emerged since 2014 as a viable alternative to Automattic's WordPress VIP, offering an equally powerful and feature-rich hosting solution, but at a significantly more affordable cost.

As a WordPress VIP, uses the same high-quality software stack, composed of advanced technologies such as NGINX, Varnish, PHP-FPM, Memcached, Redis and ElasticSearch, which together allow to guarantee optimal performance and extremely fast page loading time.

However, doesn't just emulate the features offered by WordPress VIP, but goes further by introducing more innovative features, which further improve the performance and efficiency of your website. An example of these additional features is support for the QUIC protocol, also known as HTTP/3. This is the latest hypertext transfer protocol, improving the speed and efficiency of content delivery over previous versions of HTTP by implementing a number of technical improvements, such as zero round trip handshake and parallel transmission of streams.

Furthermore, offers a real-time resize and delivery service of images in WebP format. This allows you to optimize image size on the fly, significantly reducing file size and improving page loading speed, without sacrificing visual quality. This service can have a major impact on the speed of your site, considering that images often make up the majority of the weight of a web page.

What makes particularly attractive, however, is its value for money. With plans ranging from 127 to 250 euros per month, depending on the size of the instance and the type of service managed, offers all the features and performance of an enterprise hosting service, at a fraction of the cost of WordPress VIP. This makes an extremely competitive solution for those looking for high quality hosting at a more affordable cost.

JetPack Stats High traffic WordPress site

Over the years, has proven to be able to handle extremely demanding customers with hundreds of millions of visitors per month, always guaranteeing superior speed and performance. Thanks to its powerful software stack, is able to guarantee an optimal first byte time (TTFB)., ensuring that your users receive the content of your pages in the shortest possible time.

WordPress VIP violates GDPR, No

A critical aspect to consider when evaluating the use of WordPress VIP is its compliance with data protection laws, especially the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). WordPress VIP is a service offered by Automattic, a US-based company, and this raises some crucial questions regarding data privacy.

The GDPR, which came into force in 2018, is a European Union regulation that imposes strict requirements on the processing and transmission of personal data of individuals in the EU. One of the key elements of the GDPR is the “adequacy” principle, which holds that personal data can only be transferred outside the EU if the recipient country ensures an adequate level of data protection.

Until 2020, data transfers between the EU and the US were facilitated by the EU-US Privacy Shield, an agreement that ensured the adequacy of data protection in the US. However, in July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJUE) invalidated the Privacy Shield in a ruling known as "Schrems II". The ruling found that US surveillance laws do not offer the necessary protections for the fundamental rights of Europeans, thus making Privacy Shield-based data transfers inappropriate.

This has significant repercussions for services like WordPress VIP that export user data to US territory. While WordPress VIP is committed to complying with privacy laws, the fact that the data is hosted in the United States may not be in line with GDPR requirements. So while WordPress VIP offers a high-quality service, it is important for EU-based organizations to take these legal aspects into consideration when evaluating their hosting provider.

Unlike WordPress VIP, offers a guarantee of total compliance with GDPR regulations. is a company based in Italy that manages all its services within the European intra-community territory. This means that all data managed through remains within the perimeter of the EU, in countries such as Italy, Germany and Finland.

The centrality of GDPR compliance is a priority for This compliance is embedded at the heart of their mission, as demonstrated by their commitment to operate exclusively within EU borders and strict adherence to European data protection regulations.

Complying with data protection laws is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also an essential element of customer trust. customers can be sure that their personal information is handled with the utmost care and protection, without the risk of violations of the GDPR regulations.

Choosing, therefore, means avoiding potential penalties for violation of the GDPR, which can amount to up to 4% of the total annual turnover or up to 20 million euros. Above all, it means ensuring that the rights and privacy of its users are fully and securely respected, in line with the highest standards set by the European Union.


In the digital age we live in, choosing the right hosting for your website is a fundamental step in guaranteeing a high quality service to your users. WordPress VIP by Automattic offers a range of powerful and well-optimized hosting services, but the high cost and GDPR compliance concerns make this option less attractive, especially for European customers.

In contrast, emerges as a valid alternative, combining high performance, GDPR compliance and competitive prices. Thanks to its advanced software stack, can guarantee an excellent service, comparable to that of WordPress VIP, at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, its full compliance with GDPR regulations provides extra security for customers concerned about data protection.

Bottom line, choosing the right hosting should be made by considering a variety of factors, including performance, cost, data security, and regulatory compliance. In this context, represents a highly competitive solution, which deserves consideration by those looking for a high quality hosting service at an affordable price.

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