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What is Srl ( ) is one of the leading Italian companies in the provision of professional "in the cloud" email services both by subscription (with guaranteed service level) and free, for companies, organizations, free professionals and individuals.
The email service on the domain was launched on the market in March 2001 by DWeb Spa.

With over half a million truly active mailboxes,'s mail system platform and architecture are able to handle the needs of any company, professional or private, benefiting from our economies of scale.

Problems in

The well-known e-mail provider for several days he has been complaining of a very serious problem: the mail does not work.

If for a few days it was not possible to access the mail service in any way, neither with client programs such as Outlook from Microsoft or Mail from Apple to be clear (IMAP / POP3 access they had already deliberately discontinued in April 2021), much less using the their web interface (webmail).

Today, November 30th, things seem to have changed by allowing access to the Webmail but being faced with empty mailboxes.

A few minutes ago (we are November 30th at 18:20 pm) this single email appeared in the inbox which reads verbatim:

"Dear User,
we inform you that your free mailbox is now active again and you can start receiving and sending e-mails again.

Currently the message history is not available: it is a more complex operation for which the technicians need at least 3 - 4 working weeks and the success of the operation is not guaranteed.

To apologize for the inconvenience, we inform you that for your box the POP / IMAP service has been activated for free until the end of next year (31/12/2022).
This will allow you to consult your mailbox for free from any app or e-mail program, whether from a fixed device or from a smartphone.

For the configuration of the box you can consult this simple online guide:
We remain available for further information.

Best regards, Pro Staff " email access problems doesn't work: Reasons for the problem still unknown

To date, the reasons for the problem and the causes that have led to the loss (for now irretrievably) of the historical email do not seem to have been released, but we are still guaranteed that in the future they will soon give explanations as reported in their official press release in the notices area that reads verbatim :

Posted on 30-11-2021 update access to free mailboxes

Dear User,
we inform you that for the free @ mailboxes, access to the mailbox will be restored within the next 24 hours, while the message history will not be available at the moment.
We will be providing further updates in the coming days.
We kindly ask you not to contact the telephone support, which would give you the same information reported here.
Each update will be promptly published directly in this "Notices" section.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Best regards, Staff

Notices - ​​

It could be assumed that it was a hardware failure for which they are doing a restore or a much more complex problem such as an attack by malicious people who used some cryptolocker to make user data unavailable.

Disabling POP3 / IMAP: is once again disappointing.

Already in the month of April they revealed themselves with this press release:

Posted on 26-04-2021 26/04/21 deactivation of access from mail programs for free mailboxes

Dear User,
we remind you that from today 26 April 2021 has begun disabling POP and IMAP protocols for all boxes for free @

What does it mean?
It means that, starting from the 26 April 2021, if you have a box Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days @, you will be able to read and send your mail exclusively from webmail, while you will no longer be able to consult it using pre-configured mail programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, ... or with apps for your smartphone.
The POP and IMAP deactivation procedure is gradual, so it is possible that, for a few days, for some mailboxes you will still be able to view the emails through a mail program or app.

How do you log in to webmail?
Is simple! All you need to do is connect to the website from a PC or mobile, click on the blue “FREE – Check your mail” envelope and log in with your credentials, i.e. by typing in the mailbox name and password.
If accessing from webmail (from the website is impractical for you, you can create a direct link on your desktop or in the home of your mobile phone by following this interesting guide.

I would like to keep my current configuration. How can I do?
If you need to use the mailbox professionally and you need to keep the current configuration on a mail program, we advise you to subscribe to a professional subscription at the service ZE-LightZE-Pro o ZE-Pro50.
With the professional subscription you will not have to change anything: your mailbox will continue to work as it is now, with the same data and from any mail program. In addition you will have at your disposal more space in the boxsecurity backup to protect you from accidental loss of messages anddedicated telephone assistance.
To know all the advantages of professional services @ visit this page.

Best regards, Staff

It is clear that the company is pushing all holders of Free boxes to switch to a professional version of their service in the hope of making cash.

In our humble opinion, the time has come to abandon this service which has certainly been of high caliber in the past years but not in step with the times with now standard market solutions such as Gmail, Outlook or similar.

Just basically read the TrustPilot reviews on to understand what the trend this email service provider is taking.

We have left you a collection directly below, hoping that somehow consumer associations such as CODACONS, CORECOM and the Privacy Guarantor will shed some light on the matter.

Read the reviews of the services of

Update January 2023: has been sold to Fjordmail Technologies AS, registered and located in Norway.

As specified in the press release of last December 2022: Notice of change of ownership

Dear User/Customer,

This communication informs all owners of a free and/or subscription mailbox on the domain (including the,, domains ,,,, that, with effect from 20 December 2022, the company Fjordmail Technologies AS will take over these services from Email. it Srl, continuing in the relationships prior to the aforesaid transaction and fully taking over all the activities, functions, contractual relationships, debts and credits connected to the aforesaid services.

All other services, such as PEC and Business, will remain the property and management of Srl

From 20 December 2022 all data, administrative and relating to the contents of the mailboxes, will be the property of the company Fjordmail Technologies AS. It should therefore be noted that, starting from 20 December 2022, all relationships relating to contracts and related mail services on the domain indicated above will refer to Fjordmail Technologies AS:

Fjordmail Technologies AS, registered and located in Norway
organization number 920 243 347

Updated on 14/03/2023

From the numerous phone calls and emails received we have noticed that a serious disservice to the email provider is in progress which after the sale to the Norwegian company Fjordmail imposed a monthly fee of Euro 5.99 in order to continue using the service.

An expense, therefore, rather high and substantial if we consider the enormous problems that the supplier has given in recent months and in the last year in particular.

A strategic and ethically questionable move considering that the mailbox is in fact an element now of vital importance and with an important history both for past documents and communications and for receiving new communications of a professional, health, personal nature in the life of all days.


In conclusion

It now seems evident how has changed their commercial policy over time, encouraging the purchase of paid commercial plans, rather than focusing on free services, reserving paying users the possibility of using the POP / IMAP / SMTP protocol (also in their respective encrypted versions), instead of the simple webmail of Free users.

However, it seems that the service complains of problems in fits and starts which makes the adoption of a similar service unattractive to new users, considering the innumerable offers of professional mail services such as Google Gsuite, Outlook and the like.

It seems increasingly evident that binding to a specific supplier is an inconvenient practice when there are problems with service availability.

In this regard, we always advise you to use your own personal domain name, so that you can use it with any supplier and on any mail server technology you prefer, without having to depend on the choices of third-party suppliers.

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