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Taking responsibility for the environment means there is a growing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Managed Server Srl uses energy exclusively from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers. There is no denying that there are environmental costs to our digital footprint, for example, massive energy consumption in data centers. Optimizing these assets to reduce footprint and increase efficiency will not only improve content delivery performance, and protect and extend the reach of existing assets, saving money and environmental costs.

Sustainable and green energy

In our data centers located in Europe, Managed Server is strongly committed to the use of clean and sustainable energy. We collaborate with several business partners who share our vision of a greener future. For example, one of our reference partners in Germany is Energiedienst AG, a TÜV certified company. It specializes in green energy generation, providing 100% carbon-free and environmentally friendly hydropower.

This commitment not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also ensures that the services we offer to our customers are powered by sources that meet the highest environmental standards. Through these collaborations, we aim to be an industry leader in sustainability and the responsible use of resources.
EnergiedienstAG certification

Energy efficient hardware

For years, Managed Server has placed a particular emphasis on energy efficiency when it comes to making investment decisions in hardware and network infrastructure. Through a rigorous internal measurement process, we evaluate the energy consumption of every hardware component, from servers to storage units, through network devices such as switches and routers.

This data is then used as a fundamental criterion in selecting the components that will make up our infrastructure.

When we talk about “power-efficient hardware,” we're referring to devices designed to maximize performance while using the least amount of power possible. For example, our servers use latest generation processors that offer an excellent ratio between computational power and energy consumption. Additionally, we use advanced cooling systems that minimize energy use to maintain optimal temperatures within data centers.

Our storage devices are also selected based on their energy efficiency, opting for solutions such as SSDs that consume less energy than traditional mechanical hard drives. Our network switches and routers are also configured to reduce power consumption during periods of low usage. This commitment to energy efficiency not only allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, but also offers direct benefits to our customers in the form of optimized performance and reduced operating costs. In this way, we are able to combine environmental responsibility and operational excellence, making our hosting and systems services even more competitive.

Energy efficient software

A single web page load can generate an average of 6,8 grams of carbon emissions. In a world where data centers are responsible for 3,5% of global energy consumption – a figure expected to double in the near future – the importance of sustainable, energy-efficient solutions cannot be underestimated. At Managed Server, we have taken a proactive approach to addressing this challenge.

Our servers and hardware systems are equipped with cutting-edge open source software technologies and use caching systems such as Varnish SuperCache. This caching technology greatly reduces the need to generate new data instances for each request, thus minimizing the number of physical servers needed to handle the traffic. The result is significant energy savings.

This not only reduces our energy consumption, but also the associated carbon emissions. In a context in which sustainability and reducing environmental impact are becoming increasingly crucial, the use of technologies like Varnish represents a fundamental step. Caching isn't just a strategy to improve performance and efficiency; it is also a means of reducing the environmental impact of our digital services.

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