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Do you need a company mail server?

Get unlimited mailboxes and space, saving up to 90% on costs

Are you worried about the increased costs associated with using email solutions based on the number of mailboxes activated or on each gigabyte added? Are you looking for alternatives to Office 365 or G Suite for managing your email, with a dedicated IP that prevents your emails from being classified as SPAM?

Do you want a highly secure email service that is resistant to business failures, human errors and unexpected deletions?

Since 2005, we have been developing professional Business Mail Servers for companies looking for tailor-made solutions and wishing to avoid the costs of the main Enterprise mail providers. We guarantee high standards and satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Does managing a request for 100 mailboxes of 100GB each seem impossible? For us it's routine.
Marco Marcoaldi - Founder Managed Server Srl
Marco Marcoaldi
Founder & Systems Engineer Managed Server

Mailboxes up to 500GB

Our email boxes offer extremely generous storage sizes, capable of hosting up to an impressive half terabyte (500 GB) of messages per single mailbox.

Starting from a minimum quota of just 1GB, you have complete freedom to determine your storage space which best suits your needs.

Another advantage of our service is the flexibility in creating email boxes. By purchasing a total initial space, for example 200 GB, you will have complete autonomy to distribute it as you see fit. Whether you decide to assign all the space to a single email inbox with a capacity of 200GB, or divide it between 100 inboxes of 2GB each, or even 200 inboxes of 1GB, the choice is entirely in your hands.

This storage distribution is fully customizable and based on the specific needs of your business and your company's organizational structure. The great thing is that you won't have to incur additional costs for activating new email accounts. In other words, once you purchase the initial space, you are free to configure it according to your needs without having to worry about further expenses.

Support IMAP / POP3 / SMTP, and also in encrypted version.

Get unlimited access to your emails through standard POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols, which ensures a total compatibility with any type of e-mail client. Whether you prefer Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or any other mail service, our solutions are designed to work smoothly.

Not only that, our service also supports connections encrypted with the SMTPS, POP3S and IMAPS protocols, to ensure that your communications are always protected. We offer options of strong encryption such as TLS and SSL, with the choice of a commercial or free SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt. In this way, we ensure that your e-mail is not only accessible, but also secure and confidential, protecting your company communications from possible interceptions.

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AntiVirus and AntiSpam

AntiSpam and Antivirus

Our email services are designed to offer you a complete Email Security solution directly integrated into the platform, completely eliminating the need to install or configure external gateways or additional security services. And the best part is that this complete suite of security tools is included in the price of the package you choose.

Our email security strategy is based on a dual-layer system, which includes both active and passive protection mechanisms. Active protection is designed to defend your email inboxes in real time from any type of malicious attack, such as phishing or malware, directly targeted at your email addresses. At the same time, our passive protection system improves the security of your company email inboxes through the implementation of targeted and highly configurable security policies. These policies may include rules such as scanning attachments or checking links in emails.

In practice, this dual-layer approach ensures that your email communications are always safe and secure, regardless of the nature of external threats. Therefore, you can focus on your core business activities, confident that your electronic correspondence is always in safe hands.

Automatic time backup

The email management service we offer goes far beyond simply sending and receiving messages; It also includes a highly sophisticated automatic email backup system.

Thanks to our exclusive feature called “Mail Time Machine”, you will have the opportunity to access backups of users' email inboxes made over the last 30 days.

This feature is extremely useful for monitoring the status of backups, as well as performing email message recovery operations quickly and easily.

The advanced backup technology we use has been specifically designed to be responsive and respond in real time to requests to recover accidentally deleted messages.

This means that every user of our service can have full confidence that, in case of accidental deletions or any other type of error, an effective and immediate solution is always at hand. In this way, we offer not only a robust and reliable email management system, but also a safety net that allows you to operate with complete peace of mind.

Mailserver Schedule Backup


With our email management service, you will have complete and secure control over the reputation of your domains, thus ensuring optimal deliverability for all your email messages.

To achieve this, we employ a set of advanced technologies and security standards, including SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) e DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). These are the best standards in the industry to build and maintain trust in your recipients' mail servers, minimizing the risk of your emails being mistakenly marked as SPAM.

In addition to these basic mechanisms, we also offer an additional layer of customization and security through the ability to activate a custom DKIM signature for each of your domains.

This feature allows you not only to authenticate your emails more rigorously, but also to reinforce the perception of integrity and legitimacy of your brand or company.

Mail migration included

By using our email management service, you will not only be sure of maintaining an impeccable reputation for your domains and ensuring smooth email delivery, but you can also count on absolutely precise and reliable synchronization of your data. Thanks to the use of ImapSync, a highly efficient solution, we make sure to sync the entire IMAP structure of your account, including all related subfolders. This way, no critical data or important information will be lost during the entire migration process.

We are fully aware of the challenges and concerns that can arise when migrating from an older email service provider. To relieve these stresses, we offer a complete migration service of files and folders from your previous provider to our system, and it's all completely free.

This migration service is included in the package you purchase from us and does not involve any additional costs. Let our team of experts take care of all the technical aspects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

This will allow you to focus on your core business activities, without having to worry about technical details or compatibility issues.

Free Email Migration
Economical mail server

Best price on the market.

In the panorama of corporate mail server solutions, our service stands out not only for its robustness and enterprise-level features, but also for its economic accessibility.

Unlike many competitors who charge the service per individual email inbox, we offer volume formulas, thus allowing companies to obtain significant cost savings. In particular, thanks to this tariff method, you can save up to 90% compared to the costs of alternative solutions on the market.

All this without sacrificing quality: each customer benefits from a dedicated multiple IP mail server and all the security and reliability features you expect from an enterprise service.

With us, efficiency meets convenience, making managing your business communications simpler and more economical than ever.

99.99% availability

We know how important your mail is to you. We provide availability with 99.99% Uptime.

We understand that email is a critical component to the success of your business and we know how critical it is for you to have an always available and reliable email service. It is for this reason that we are proud to offer a level of availability that reaches 99.99% uptime.

Thanks to an infrastructure of advanced cloud server and redundant failover solutions, we can guarantee that your email service will always be up and running when you need it. This high uptime percentage means that service interruptions are virtually non-existent, allowing you to focus on your business activities without worries.

In addition to exceptional uptime, we offer a full range of security tools and features to protect your communications from potential threats. From advanced spam protection to the ability to perform quick backups and recoveries, everything has been designed to provide you with a service that is not only reliable, but also secure.

Concentrate on your business and leave the worry of keeping your email active and secure to us.

Uptime 99 and SLA
24 hour technical assistance service

24-hour technical assistance

No more slow and ineffective assistance. We intervene within 15 minutes with 24-hour availability.

We know that business needs do not follow standard office hours and that problems can arise at any time. For this reason, we are proud to offer a support service available 24 hours a day, 24 days a year.

Should you encounter any serious or blocking issues that require immediate intervention, our technical support team is able to intervene within 15 minutes of the report. For all other minor issues, we guarantee a response time within 4 hours. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that whatever the obstacle, we will find a solution as quickly as possible.

We put various support channels at your disposal to make the assistance process as smooth as possible: a reserved telephone number for direct and immediate contact, a ticket system to track your requests and an email service for detailed communication.

By choosing our services, you are assured of signing up for a comprehensive package that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business, regardless of its size or the market sector in which it operates.

Compliant with GDPR regulations

Do not risk penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR regulation on data protection.

Our company complies with the GDPR regulation, being a European entity with European data centers certified ISO 27001 and managed by staff of European nationality and residence.

All data relating to processing, requests for assistance and tickets from your Mail systems remain archived within European borders and destroyed within 30 days of the end of processing, in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and subsequent changes and industry best practices.

All our services offered and sold to the end customer are designed to comply with the GDPR and are sold with a specific contractual declaration and certification.

Mail Server GDPR Compliant

A Company Mail Server is much more than a simple email inbox. It is an overall, tailor-made solution for businesses that require a highly reliable and secure email management system. With advanced features such as filters, archiving and backup options, our Enterprise Mail Server allows complete control over various aspects such as email security, storage and availability. It is particularly ideal for companies that have specific needs in terms of security, regulatory compliance and customization, as well as compliance with current laws and regulations regarding privacy and confidentiality and data processing.

Our Enterprise Mail Server offering is designed to rise above the competition thanks to two key attributes: flexibility and scalability. In a market where most vendors offer solutions with space limitations that often do not exceed a few gigabytes per box, our offering represents a radical change. With the ability to extend storage space up to 10 Terabytes for each individual email inbox, businesses can rest easy knowing that space limitations will be the least of their worries.

This generous space is especially beneficial for organizations that handle large volumes of data, frequent communications with large attachments, or need to archive emails for long periods of time for legal or operational reasons. Unlike other services, our pricing model is quite innovative and customer-centric. We do not calculate costs based on the number of email accounts you have, but rather based on the disk space actually used. This approach is extremely beneficial for businesses, especially growing ones, as it allows for more predictable financial planning and excellent cost control.

Plus, our flexible pricing structure allows businesses to tailor the service to their specific needs, without having to pay for unused features or space. This level of customization not only makes our service economically advantageous, but also allows for optimization of resources which translates into a much faster ROI (Return on Investment). In summary, our Business Mail Server service has been designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, providing tailor-made solutions that adapt to various scenarios and requirements.

Absolutely, scalability is one of the fundamental pillars on which we have built our Corporate Mail Server service. We understand that a company's needs can change quickly and, sometimes, unexpectedly. For this reason, we have designed an extremely flexible storage structure. Starting from a basic plan that already offers a considerable 100 GB of space, you can easily expand your email storage capacity in well-defined increments: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1.000 GB and then Terabyte by Terabyte, until you reach a maximum limit extraordinary 10 Terabytes.

This gradual expansion option eliminates any possible stress or complication in managing your email resources. There is no need for interruptions in service or downtime while you upgrade – everything is handled smoothly and without interruptions. And best of all, this scaling is done without the need for complex technical interventions on your part, freeing up your IT team to focus on other priority tasks.

Our flexibility doesn't stop there. Since our pricing model is based on storage space used and not on the number of email accounts, you can freely add new users or remove existing ones without affecting the total cost of the service. This pricing structure gives you the freedom to tailor the service to your operational and financial needs, whether you're scaling up or down. Ultimately, our solution is designed to be a reliable partner that grows with your business.

Yes, we confirm that each of our Company Mail Servers is supplied with two dedicated IPv4 addresses, and these are reserved exclusively for the use of the customer who subscribes to the service. This unique practice provides an additional layer of security and reliability, as it isolates your email communications from those of other users, reducing the risk of being involved in spam or IP reputation issues that can arise from the use of shared IP addresses.

Furthermore, providing two dedicated IP addresses has a very specific reason. The first IP address is the primary one that is used for all your daily email activities. The second address, however, is kept as a reserve and can be activated in emergency situations. For example, if the first IP were to be blacklisted or face issues with DNSBL lists, the second IP can be activated to ensure service continuity.

It should be noted that both IP addresses are already pre-verified and whitelisted in commonly used DNSBL lists, ensuring a “clean” start for all your communications. This translates into greater service reliability and a lower probability of running into problems related to anti-spam filters or IP reputation classification systems.

Absolutely, the security and integrity of your data are of paramount importance to us. For this reason, we have put in place a robust backup and disaster recovery system. At the storage level, we use a redundant RAID5 configuration, which offers an optimal combination of performance and resilience. But we don't stop here.

For an additional layer of protection, we perform daily backups of your data on two different SANs (Storage Area Networks), located in separate data centers — one in Germany and the other in Finland. Both of these storage systems use a RAID6 configuration, which provides an even greater degree of security and reliability.

Our standard data retention policy is 30 days, which means you can restore data from a backup for up to a month in the past. However, we understand that different businesses have different needs; for this reason, we offer the flexibility to extend the data retention period up to a maximum of 120 days upon customer request.

Additionally, we have the ability to perform both full and partial data recovery. This means that whether you need to recover just a single email message or an entire dataset, we can do it efficiently and reliably.

Our Business Mail Servers are designed to be a complete and extensible email solution, suitable to meet a wide range of business needs. In terms of protocols, we not only support industry standards such as SMTP, POP3 and IMAP for sending, receiving and storing emails, but we also add an additional layer of security with encrypted versions of these protocols, i.e. SMTPS, POP3S and IMAPS. This means that your communications are always encrypted, making it extremely difficult for third parties to intercept sensitive data.

On top of this, we offer a Roundcube Webmail interface, which allows you to access your emails from any device with an internet connection, without the need to install additional software. This interface is intuitive and easy to use, but also feature-rich, with options to manage contacts, create filters, and organize your emails into folders.

But safety and convenience don't end there. To ensure that your emails are as free as possible from malware and spam, we integrate antivirus and antispam solutions directly into our Company Mail Server. These tools automatically scan all incoming and outgoing messages, blocking suspicious ones and thus minimizing the risks associated with security threats.

Absolutely, every one of our customers has the ability to access a web-based control panel that is both intuitive and feature-rich. This control environment allows you to have full dominion over every aspect of your Company Mail Server. You can, for example, create new email inboxes in just a few clicks or set up autoresponders to automatically reply to messages received when you are out of the office. You can also change email passwords, set up mail forwarding, and even monitor usage statistics. This panel has been designed to offer high flexibility and allow you to make changes and adjustments in real time, all according to your specific needs.

Fully understanding that installing and migrating to a new Company Mail Server represents a considerable commitment in terms of time and resources, we have structured our contracts with a minimum duration of one year. This minimum contract duration is calibrated not only to meet the needs of our corporate clients looking for long-term solutions, but also to balance our own initial investment. In fact, we dedicate a considerable effort in the implementation and migration phase, ensuring that the transition to our infrastructure is as smooth and obstacle-free as possible. This initial effort on our part is another reason why we have established a minimum contractual commitment of one year. In this way, a balance is created that benefits both parties: the customer obtains a reliable and high-quality service, while we have the certainty of a long-lasting relationship that allows us to amortize the initial investment made in terms of time and energy to migrate the new customer to our services.

Absolutely, it is a pleasure for us to provide preliminary consultations completely free of charge and without any type of contractual obligation on your part. This preliminary phase is crucial for both of us: on the one hand, it allows us to collect fundamental information that serves as the basis for a precise assessment of your needs; on the other hand, it offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our offer and our services. To start this phase, we would need some basic information such as, for example, a company email address that can adequately represent your business and the total number of email accounts you intend to use. This information is essential to develop a detailed and accurate estimate, not only regarding the technical feasibility of the project, but also to have a clear picture of the associated costs.

Our preliminary consultancy serves not only to define the technical and financial aspects, but is also an opportunity to establish an open and constructive dialogue with potential customers. It is an initial step that highlights the importance of understanding your specific operational and communication needs in depth, so that we can propose a service solution truly tailored to you.

May 25, 2018 marked a fundamental milestone in the protection of personal data, with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This legislation, promulgated by the European Commission, aims to harmonize the rules on the protection of personal data of citizens of the European Union, ensuring a high and uniform level of data protection.

A crucial aspect of this regulation is its universal application: it applies not only to companies based within the European Union, but also to those which, despite being based outside the borders of the EU, process personal data of European citizens. This extension of jurisdiction represents a significant commitment to the protection of European citizens' rights in an increasingly digitized and interconnected age.

As a service provider, Managed Server undertakes to fully respect and apply the provisions of the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679). Our adherence to these standards is not only a legal obligation, but also reflects our firm belief in the importance of protecting our customers' data and privacy.

Therefore, you can be sure that all the services provided by Managed Server are in line with the requirements of the GDPR. This means that any personal data you entrust to us will be treated with the utmost care and in full compliance with current regulations, offering you the security of a service that complies with the strictest data protection standards.

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